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Test And Tag Safety Inspections

Test and Tag is an important part of Workplace health and safety.
A workplace must have safe equipment and appliances and comply with   Australian Electrical
Safety regulations.

There are two main legislative frameworks you should refer to:

  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760: 2010 In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. This is the most relevant standard for the safety inspection and testing of electrical appliances.
  • Electrical Safety Regulation 2013, ensuring the electrical safety of electrical workers, as well as specifying the intervals for testing.

When Should You Test And Tag For Your Business?

Different industries and equipment have different legislation.
It can be required monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually.

For the majority of businesses and tag is mandatory once a year or even 5 years for devices
working in a low-risk environment.
Some workplaces do not have mandatory laws about test and tagging but the employer does
have a duty of care to ensure the safety of its employees, meaning that if someone was hurt
from an appliance that wasn’t tested and unsafe, they could be found at fault.

There are industries such as construction, demolition and mining and they are required to
have their appliances tested and tagged every 3 months. This is due to the workload and
environment that the machinery is used in.

To ensure maximum safety for your employees and customers, you should inspect all portable
electrical items. These are appliances or equipment that has a flexible power cord and plug
into 240v or 415v power.

All commercial environments, such as offices, factories, organisations or community centres
should comply with the standards.

What is a Portable Appliance Tester

A portable appliance tester, also known as a PAT Tester or PAT, is the main piece of equipment used by someone testing and tagging.

Test and tag services should include the following procedures:

  • Visual and physical inspection
  • Check for any external damages
  • Insulation tests
  • Earth circuit test
  • Functionality test
  • Run/Leakage test
  • Polarity wire test
  • Check for any faulty accessories, plugs or socket outlets
  • Inspect supply cords
  • Check for tangled or exposed cords that may become tripping hazards
  • Inspect power boards: make sure that the ‘maximum load’ indicator is visible and easy to read.

Once tested, it will be tagged to confirm it has been checked and passed.
It will clearly display who performed the test, the date,  and when the next test is due.

Electricians And More has been delivering test and tag services to a variety of commercial and
industrial businesses, including:

  • Building sites
  • Offices
  • Factories and workshops

Testing and tagging will bring you peace of mind knowing that your equipment is fun and your
staff are safe to use it. We can also offer you a reminder service to ensure that your business is
staff are safe to use it. We can also offer you a reminder service to ensure that your business is