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Commercial Switchboard Upgrade

The right switchboards for your business will ensure that you can operate a reliable and safe
Larger commercial buildings like offices, workshops, factories and retail outlets require
specialised and complex switchboards.
Many workshops and factories will require three phase power.
Three phase power gives a building triple the amount of power supplied than the standard
single phase power.
Single phase is what is used for typical electrical wiring.
When you are using power drawing equipment and appliances, single phase is not sufficient. It
will keep tripping the system and overloading it.

Upgrading to 3 phase power will mean you can safely run all your appliances simultaneously
without worrying about them tripping the circuits.
We provide switchboard installation, support and maintenance services to handle the
demands of both single phase and three phase power units, including:

Is your business experiencing ongoing issues with your electrical systems?
Are you upgrading equipment or adding more load to your existing supply?
Upgrading your switchboard will allow the electrical systems to handle added equipment or
machinery safely and ensure your business maintains a reliable electricity supply.

We cater for all commercial switchboard applications small and large, from retail and offices
to factories, and workshops. Upgrades from an old fuse box to a new switchboard or small to

Why Upgrading Your Switchboard Is Important

A  malfunctioning switchboard cannot handle the current electrical needs of your business.It
needs to be repaired or upgraded.,
Not only will it cause a disruption daily business operations, which can decrease your profits.
It could also kill someone by electrocution or electrical fire.

Signs That It Is Time to Upgrade Your Switchboard

The usual warning signs for a switchboard that needs an upgrade

  • Equipment will short circuit and be damaged
  • Circuits tripping due to overloads
  •  Lights will flicker on and off randomly.
  • Overcrowed wiring in your current switchboard

Do you have a switchboard or are you planning to upgrade your machinery or expanding your
business, then you should consider upgrading your switchboard to cope with any added
electrical demands?
The last thing you want is a power failure because your existing switchboard cannot cope with
the additional demands of your business, or even worse still an electrical fire or electrocution.

Electrical Upgrades

To ensure your switchboard can handle your current business demands as well as looking at
what the business will need in the future. By being able to preplan for your businesses growth
you will save money in the long run.
By getting the right switchboard upgrade – you be ready to operate now and into the future
without power disruptions
Upgrades to a switchboard can be the following:

  • Circuit breaker options
  • Separate power meters
  • Surge protection
  • Emergency cut off switch
  • Upgrades and monitoring of Phase power
  • RCD installations and replacements

All our work complies with the relevant Australian industry standards to ensure your staff and
business are protected. Your safety and your worker’s safety is vital and we take this seriously.

We can schedule work when it is convenient to your business.
Upgrades to your switchboard can be scheduled for between shifts or after hours

Commercial Switchboard Installation

We can design and install the right commercial switchboards for you.
We provide new and commercial switchboard upgrades for office buildings, factories and
retail outlets and machine switchboard repairs and upgrades,
including switchboard upgrades to effectively manage 3 phase power.
We have built up a reputation in electrical maintenance for providing tailored designed
electrical switchboards and pump system requirements for industrial and commercial clients.

Commercial Switchboard Upgrades

Some of the switchboards we can design and install are the following :

  • Main Switchboards
  • Distribution Switchboards
  • Motor Control Centres
  • Generator Systems
  • Water Treatment Plants

Electricians And More are Gold Coast based electricians who can make sure that your
workplace performs to its highest electrical workload capacity and that your workers and
staff are kept safe from electrical faults and fires