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Commercial Electrical Installations

Electricians And More provide the best commercial electrical solutions for mid sized
construction projects.
We have worked on several state projects on the Gold Coast

Electricians And More have completed all pre-construction electrical, data and fibre work for:

  • Gold Coast Light Rail
  • Tugan DeSalination plant

Temporary Site Power Installation

When installing temporary site power you must take into account the site layout and design
what will work, meet compliance and be practical for those on the site.

Proper planning should begin well before we show up to do the job site.
What we look at before we start installing anything is:

What are the electrical loads to be connected?

There are :

  • Site office trailers
  • Construction trailers
  • Pumps and onsite equipment

We also have to take into account the property boundaries, easements, construction setup
requirements and parking areas.
Safety factors like overhead lines that need to be taken into consideration

Installing the temporary builder’s power box and pole will usually involve excavating the area
the pole will be installed, and running either single-phase or three-phase overhead service
lines to the temporary power box.
This will be fitted out with as many power points as required, all run safely with safety switches.

Please note that you will need some information before you book this all in

  • The date of work commencement and when will onsite power be needed?
  • Will you need three-phase power? We can add this at installation which will save time and money.
  • Are we doing an overhead or underground installation

Temporary Power

Temporary builders supply can be installed overhead or underground.
Overhead power installation is the most common way to do this but there are times when
underground connection is going to be needed.
The installation requires our Level 2 electricians to install double insulated XLPE cables that
are waterproof inside the trench. They are installed to regulation depth and will make a nice
and tidy look for your new home or office.

We have the expertise and experience to handle any size or type of level 2 electrical job.
We will help plan, design and install the electrical infrastructure to your site to meet all of
your requirements and compliance

Construction Wiring

Construction wiring is a term used for the electrical installation that supplies temporary
power to a construction site.
Construction sites are dynamic workplaces with different trades and multiple activities
occurring daily. All workers on site should be aware of the location of construction wiring and
ensure any work being undertaken does not damage the installation. If you spot any damage
to construction wiring you should report it to the site supervisor immediately.

Using Electrician And More you will be given professional and personal customer service.
You will be dealing directly with the owner and overseer of all work done for your commercial

The type of work we deliver for Government, Health, Infrastructure and Education sectors,
inclusive Are:

Temporary set up of:

  • Switchboards
  • Site Office Design and set up of wiring
  • Cable installation including fibre optic
  • All  Lighting – Security, Exit , Pedestrian and Workplace
  • CCTV set up
  • Construction Power including three phase
  • Generators – Supply and Installation
  • Compliance testing as well as test and tag

We have the capacity and qualifications to design and install all pre-construction electrical,
data and fibre works for large scale projects, and being able to deliver the right personalised
and tailored work plan for our projects.
By using us you will save time and money on the pre-construction work that is always needed.